My focus as a craftsman is to create the finest handmade straight razors available today. All steps in making a razor are performed by myself–from initial design to final honing. Through detailed study and practice I have come to pride myself on my design, artistic approach, and functionality in terms of developing blades for daily use: an Alex Jacques hand made straight razor is a piece of functional art that will last a lifetime.

I first got into straight razors as a method of shaving, and from that point onward, it became my primary focus. After becoming well-known on Internet shaving forums for rescaling (scales is the technical name for the two sides of a knife’s handle) and restoring antique straights, I progressed into an interest in the custom knife realm. This opened me up to possibilities that had yet to be tapped for handmade razors. It became clear in little time that making razors would be a big part of my life.

I continuously challenge myself, trying to push my own envelope and concentrate on the small details that make a quality product into an exceptional one. My dedication to my craft has brought me to the belief that superb craftsmanship is immortal, and I try to pass that on through my work.